The New York Times has released its list of the 50 best barbecue joints in the country.

The Times reported that “there are plenty of good options in the barbecue industry,” and that it ranks them according to how well they do in “predicting how quickly your ribs will break.”

Here are the top 50 restaurants in America, ranked by the Times:1.

Texas BBQ and BBQ Ranch, Austin, Texas (best ribs)2.

The BBQ Ranch in El Paso, Texas, 3.

Smokehouse BBQ in Houston, Texas4.

Barbecue Bistro in Tampa, Florida5.

Texas Barbecue in San Antonio, Texas There are some surprising choices on this list.

The brisket at Smokehouse and Barbecue is among the best in the world, according to the Times.

It’s made with a lot of dry rub, but there are also many other types of rub, including dry mustard, dry mustard and barbecue sauce.

This is a barbecue joint that does brisket with dry rub and barbecue, but the ribs are also very tender, according the Times, which is good news for briskets that have a long life expectancy.

The ribs at Texas Bar BBQ are made with smoked brisket, which may be a good thing.

The best thing about brisket ribs at Smoke House BBQ is that they’re grilled, so they are less likely to burn your mouth if you eat them raw.

The Texas Bar barbecue also has a long history in Texas, which makes it a great place for a barbecue meal.

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