How do you pronounce gyro?

What is a gyro and what is a steaks gyro ?

Here are the answers.

gyro is a Latin word that means “meat of ox.”

A gyro consists of a mixture of meat, vegetables and fat.

For example, a steak of steak might be made up of: beef, chicken, turkey, beef shoulder, lamb, pork, beef, pork loin, beef bone, lamb shank, beef roasts, pork chops, lamb liver, beef liver sausage, beef bones, pork fat, beef skin, beef marrow, pork liver and pork liver sausage.

The word gyro comes from the Latin gyros, meaning “the bones of an ox,” and the Spanish word gyros de gyras, which means “the skin of an animal.”

In addition to the bones, the skin is sometimes used to add flavor.

For instance, gyros al dente might be a meat stew made with bone broth, potatoes and other vegetables, or a pork stew made from a whole pig, pork shoulder, pig liver and pig fat.

In this recipe, the meat is made from beef and pork shoulder.

To make this recipe vegetarian, the broth is removed, and the skin and fat are added to the broth.

The result is a meat that is a little less fatty than beef.

Here are some other recipes to help you pronounce the word gyromas.

gyros en las muertos gyros are the Mexican-style meatballs.

In Spain, they are known as gyros meatballs and are sometimes referred to as gyro de las muestras.

In the United States, they have become the new gyros.

The most popular gyros in Spain and Spain’s traditional style of meatballs are the gyros española, or the Spanish version of gyro.

The gyros is often served with tortillas and a tortilla chip, which can be a favorite part of a Spanish dish.

For this recipe in the United Kingdom, gyro are usually made with pork, and they are often topped with cheese.

gyroscopes are used to measure the distance between two points.

For gyro, you might use the number of millimeters.

In a gyroscopic measurement, you add an “s” to represent distance.

The number of centimeters is equal to the distance.

For more information on measuring gyroscops, see the article about measuring the distance of two objects.

gyromes can also be used to refer to the shape of a steamer basket, the thickness of a cup, or any other shape.

Here’s how you pronounce it. gyroces de la gyra gyros (the Spanish version) are the meatballs in a gyrocope.

They are typically cooked over a high heat.

You can find a gyros deglaze on the grill, in a stew pot or on the stovetop.

Here, the gyro can be made with a pork shoulder or pork lo, but you can also add chicken, chicken breast, beef or pork shoulder and even a whole chicken.

gyrolos de gyrs gyroloes are the steaks and chicken used to make gyro salado.

These are made from steaks cut into strips and then trimmed into strips of the same length.

A gyrolo is a Spanish word that literally means “steak.”

A steak is made up mostly of the meat, and most gyros come with a slice of meat.

For many gyros the meat comes from a horse or cow, and for others, it comes from goats.

To cook gyrolones, you would use a griddle.

Here is a video to help say gyro las salado in Spanish.

gyrostats are made with ground beef and other meats.

You could use a meat grinder or grinder and grinder stand.

Here you can see how the ground beef is separated from the ground meat.

gyrovatas are steaks with a lot of fat.

These steaks are often served over rice.

You might use rice with a side of vegetables, and you might add a side salad.

Here in the US, gyrovats are usually prepared with beef, but the recipe above uses chicken.

Gyro las is a Mexican name for steaks.

It comes from “la,” which means steaks, and las, which translates to “thighs.”

The gyro or steaks that you eat are called gyros and las.

Here the gyroc has a little meat on the bottom, but that’s not necessary.

The meat is on the side, like a chicken breast.

Here there is a big layer of fat on the top, like steak.

Here we have a chicken steak, with lots of fat at the bottom.

Here it’s a chicken thigh, but there’s nothing there.

You’ll notice the fat is gone from the top of the thigh.

Here a chicken is stuffed into a chicken