Maplewood is one of the country’s most hipster hubs.

And while some locals may have been inspired by the new city’s urban vibe, the rest of the world will be watching to see how Maplewood responds to the big event.

On Sunday, the city is hosting the annual Maplewood Harvest, a barbecue fest with live music, food, and an all-day farmers market.

The event’s organizers have also announced plans for an all out barbecue festival on Monday, September 10, with food trucks, live music and more.

“We’ve been able to capitalize on the city’s energy and the city of Maplewood’s spirit,” said organizer Mark Wieser.

“We’re trying to make it our own, our own festival.”

The city has also partnered with Maplewood-based restaurant The Wild Kitchen to host a BBQ and wine tasting on Tuesday, September 11.

“The Wild Kitchen is kind of like a local, family-owned and operated restaurant,” said Wieseer.

The Wild is a popular restaurant and barbecue joint in the area, with about 1,000 people coming to eat and drink there each night.

Wieser said he and other local leaders are already planning for Maplewood to have a significant impact on the town’s economy.

“A lot of people come to Maplewood from out of town and it’s a city that doesn’t have a lot of restaurants to go to,” said Mark Wieeser.

“When we’re talking about growth, there’s a lot going on, but Maplewood has a lot to offer, not just as a food destination but also a place to live, to work, to play, and to visit,” he added.

On Tuesday, the Maplewood Board of Selectmen will consider the issue of whether to authorize the city to open its own barbecue restaurant.

The proposed ordinance, if passed, would create a new type of restaurant in the city, allowing the city and the restaurant owners to have exclusive rights to operate and sell food in the City of Maplewoods restaurants.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Maryland’s Institute of Public Affairs found that 72 percent of Americans are interested in participating in Maplewoods BBQ festival.

Wieesers hopes that by getting the word out, Maplewood will be able to have its own impact on Maplewood and help spark the growth of the community.