The Giro della Pace dell’Italiana is a special event at the beginning of the Gifford Pinchot era and it has been dubbed the ‘Giro dell’, which means ‘the ride of the year’ for many reasons.

In some ways it’s not too far off from the Tour de France and other greats like the Tour of Britain or Tour of California but for a long time it was not a big part of the sports calendar.

This year however, it was.

On Wednesday, August 31, the Italian national team will kick off a new chapter in their history, with the Giochi Tissot-Giro dll’italiano taking place in the same venue.

The race was a key event in the grand tour’s history, as it was the final race of the 1952 season.

The Giochico-Fagioli-Gino Bartali was a superb year, and this year’s Giro will also be the third time the race will take place in Italy.

The final stage will see the riders follow the course of the old road which once belonged to the legendary Italian cyclist, Giuseppe Di Luca, who won the race in 1952.

However, in recent years, the race has been largely held in Rome, which has seen a decline in interest and attendance in recent decades.

The last Giro di Roma was held in 2013.

It is believed that a new stadium has been built on the grounds of the Colosseum, which was formerly the site of the ancient Coliseum and was also home to the Giambattista Vittori and the famed Filippo Totti.

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