What is a country meat seller’s specialty?

And what are the meat prices in your country?

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India is the second largest market for meat in the world, behind only China, according to a report by research firm Euromonitor International.

The report said that meat sold in India is cheaper than in China and Brazil, and that it is cheaper in India than in Russia, Mexico, France and Italy.

According to the report, the average price of a cut of beef in India was around $1.50 per kilo.

In India, meat is sold at the cheapest price in the developed world, Euromonitors said, citing data from the Food and Drug Administration.

The average price for a cut was $1 per kilogram in China, and $1 in Brazil, Euromiter said.

A similar report from the U.K. food agency said that the average prices of meat sold by farmers in India are more than 20 per cent higher than the U