Turkey, as with all meats, has a number of different types of sweats, which can be found in various places.

In fact, the only type of turkey sweats we’re not going to discuss here are the ones found in a hamburger or in a turkey burger.

If you’ve never seen turkey sweats before, they’re the meat that is placed on the bottom of a bun or inside a hamburger.

To eat a turkey sweats, you must first wrap the bun or burger in turkey sweats and place it inside your mouth.

The sweats are the same kind that people eat in a french fry, and we’ll discuss them further down this post.

The next part of this article will cover turkey sweats in a hamburgers, and then we’ll talk about turkey sweats on a turkey sandwich.

If your turkey sweats have become a regular part of your diet, there are a number recipes to help you prepare them.

In addition to turkey sweats recipes, we also have a list of turkey hamburger recipes.

Finally, we’ll touch on turkey meat sandwiches and how to make them.

How to Make Turkey Meat Sweats: How To Get Rid of Them