The GOP has gone after women with “war on men” rhetoric.

In fact, the GOP’s “war” on women has become so toxic, it has now morphed into a “war against women.”

In a recent article for National Review, author Rebecca Traister laid out the GOP agenda to “destroy” women, including abortion, abortion restrictions, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

In the piece, Traister explains how Republicans are targeting women through “war and fear” tactics, using scare tactics such as the “war of words” over the “War on Women” as a means of stoking fear in women who might “threaten” their careers and careers of their family members.

Traister calls the GOP “a war on women,” and explains how GOP “war machines” are attempting to “shut down” women’s health care options, such as Planned Parenthood, by defunding them and by banning abortion services altogether.

Traist writes that Republican war machines are trying to “keep women out of the workforce.”

In the article, Traisters analysis is accurate: Republicans “hate working women,” she writes, and “hate their ability to pay their bills and send their children to school.

They hate women’s rights, too, because they don’t want to hurt women who want to have access to abortion.”

In other words, Republicans hate working women, and they want to shut down women’s access to reproductive health care.

In addition to claiming that Republicans are “fighting women” through “War On Women,” Traister also claims that the GOP is targeting “women’s reproductive rights.”

Traister writes that the “GOP’s war on woman” strategy has included the “lobbying machine” and the “targeting of women’s reproductive health.”

The targeting of women has been a longstanding GOP strategy.

For example, Trais article describes the “preemptive attack” against Planned Parenthood as a tactic of “war.”

She writes that GOP lawmakers have “staged a series of tactics aimed at stopping Planned Parenthood from providing women access to safe, legal abortion, including: blocking funding for the organization, defunding its services, and making it ineligible for federal funding.

They also have tried to deny women access by withholding funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates, including the one in West Virginia where Traister says GOP lawmakers “targeted Planned Parenthood’s services, as well as the clinics where it offers abortion services.”

Traisters article also describes how Republicans “target abortion providers with intimidation and threats,” including by threatening to sue Planned Parenthood and threatening to “scare” women by claiming they might have an abortion.

Traisters piece concludes with the following: The Republican war on abortion has now turned into a war against women.

And the GOP war on the women is a war that targets women in a way that the Republican Party has not done for decades.

This war on female is nothing new.

The war on pregnancy is a staple of Republican rhetoric since the Reagan years, and Republican leaders like Sarah Palin have used this rhetoric as a justification for their anti-abortion policies.

This “war to stop women from having abortions” was also a part of GOP rhetoric in 2016, when the GOP launched the “Moms Demand Action” campaign.

The campaign, which called for a ban on abortion, sought to “make abortion illegal by defund[ing] Planned Parenthood” and to “stop women from accessing abortion services through the [Fetal Health Insurance Program].”

In a separate campaign, Republicans have used the war on Planned Parenthood to attack abortion providers, as Trais points out.

Trais says that “Republicans’ war on reproductive rights” is the same war that “targets women’s basic right to access healthcare, which is protected under Roe v.


“Trais writes that abortion is a “women-driven health issue” and that “women and their doctors are the ones who are most vulnerable to Republican attacks.

“In fact: The GOP is “arguing that women are the only ones who should be able to access contraception, and that women should be forced to pay for it.

If a woman has an abortion, that means that she has a medical procedure and it’s a ‘medical’ procedure.

“The goal of this “war,” Trais argues, is to “protect the abortion business from competition and to limit the choices women have.

“Trauses article also explains how Republican leaders are “trying to make it more difficult for women to access abortion services by defund­ing Planned Care.

“Traist describes how Republican lawmakers have attempted to “block women from getting birth control pills or other contraceptive methods, and forcing women to pay money to cover these costs.

“Traisting also explains that the War on Women has been “a GOP priority for years,” and that Republicans “wanted to shut off women’s ability to get abortions,” and “target them as they were trying to stop the birth control pill.

“In addition, Traists article details how Republicans have “target[ed] women with intimidation