Argentina’s best seller charcutiere has returned to the world of beer with a beer-based charcutie.

In its first year of operation, the brand launched its flagship beer, La Mancino, on June 5.

The beer is a traditional Argentinian version of the classic Argentinian chocolatier’s classic chocolates, called chocolata, which were created in the 1800s.

The company plans to expand La Manticino in the next few years.

“La Mancinos charcutère is one of the best charcuteries in Argentina,” said Cristian Dominguez, head of marketing for the company.

“The chocolatos are beautiful, the flavours are fresh and they have a nice balance of sweetness and saltiness.

The result is a tasty and refreshing drink.”

La Mantis Chocolatiere is made with 100 percent pure cane sugar and uses an authentic blend of cherries, raisins and apples.

Its beer comes in four flavors, including a caramelized orange and a dark amber ale.

The bar also offers a cocktail bar called La Manta Chocolato, which is a blend of bittersweet cherries and lime juice.

The brand is sold in Argentina’s wine market, and has a number of other collaborations, including with the award-winning bar chef of the same name.