A lot of people don’t buy iPhones because they think they’ll get a better one.

But it turns out that for a buck, you’ll be able to make more noise with your iPhone than you could with a hamburger, at least according to an app from Apple that tests the sound of your iPhone’s audio system.

The app, called Apple’s Bluetooth Audio, is available in the app store for just $1.99 and is available on both iPhone and iPad.

The app also includes a Bluetooth thermometer that can tell how loud the iPhone is.

It’s an impressive app that, as Apple describes it, “provides the most accurate measurement of iPhone volume available to the consumer.”

It can also determine how loud your iPhone is when you’re standing next to it and when it’s sitting in your pocket.

Apple said the app is designed to be used by “anybody who likes to have a smartphone with a wireless speaker.”

Apple didn’t specify exactly how many people have purchased the app but the company said it’s been downloaded by more than 40 million people.

The app has been downloaded more than 20 million times on Apple’s App Store, according to the company.

Apple is not selling the iPhone for any price, but it has an exclusive relationship with Apple that means it’s not available for other manufacturers to use.

Apple also isn’t releasing a version of the app for other platforms.

While some people think they can get a great audio system from a hamburgers, Apple said that’s not always the case.

Some iPhone owners prefer to have their phones beep when they’re walking around and this is not a good thing, Apple says.

Apple also didn’t reveal what the app’s Bluetooth sensor was capable of, but according to Apple, it’s a Bluetooth 2.1+EDR microphone that can detect both the audio and the ambient noise in a room.

That means that the Bluetooth audio can detect whether the room is quiet or loud.

Apple has also released apps that test the Bluetooth speaker’s loudness, like the one for the iPad, which is able to detect whether it’s actually the speakers speaker.

According to Apple’s documentation, the Bluetooth Audio app uses “an open-source audio measurement library that includes more than 30 microphones that measure sound pressure levels and can be used to test speaker sensitivity.”