The city is poised to get a major upgrade to its barbecue scene, with the city council passing a resolution Wednesday approving a bill to add barbecued meat to the list of food items that are allowed in restaurants.

The resolution was sponsored by Councilwoman Lisa A. Hahn.

It was voted on in a 5-1 vote and will now go before the full council for a vote in early September.

Under the ordinance, restaurants with seating of more than 20 will have to get permission from the city.

The approval will help make the city more hospitable to restaurant and food-truck operators.

“It’s a very good thing to do for the people of New York City,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

“It will be great to have a place like Barbecue Grill, which serves all kinds of meats, for people to come in and eat in peace.”

“I think it’s really good for the city,” Mayor de Blasio added.

“The city of New Yorkers has a lot of great restaurants, bars and restaurants, but it’s going to get more crowded as people move in.

This is a great way to make it a more welcoming place for everybody.”

Barbecue Grill is a popular spot in Queens.

A few years ago, it was the site of a deadly fire, but the restaurant is back in business, with more than 500 employees.

Barbecue restaurant owner Steve Barreto said that the city is trying to be more hospitableness for food truck owners.

“There’s a great need in New York for the public to be able to come here and have a barbeque and eat at a place,” Barreta said.

“We just want the community to feel like it’s welcoming and we want to get the food truckers here.”

The city’s new ordinance would also allow for a barbecuing facility in the park.