The Irish Farmers Association has accused the country’s biggest pork producers of not being able to meet growing demand.

The association’s executive director, Paul Murphy, told the Irish Times that the country has more bacon than ever before, and the problem is that the industry has not been able to adapt to the demand.

Mr Murphy said he thinks it’s too soon to make an estimate for the total number of pounds of bacon that Ireland will produce by 2021.

The organisation has urged its members to cut down on their pork consumption in the meantime, but said that this would not be easy, given the increase in demand for meat and dairy products.

The new Irish Pork Board says it has had to increase production and reduce prices to keep up with demand.

“Our industry has to be resilient, it’s got to be a diversified business. “

“It’s not just about bacon, it has to include a range of products.”””

We are not going to go from producing 40kg of bacon per day to producing 10,000 tonnes a year. “

It’s not just about bacon, it has to include a range of products.”

There is a very significant opportunity for Irish pork producers and the rest of the Irish food industry.”