The beef stew market in the United Arab Emirates has been closed due to a shortage of beef, the Emirates Commercial Food Industry Council said in a statement on Friday.

The market was due to reopen on July 1.

The Dubai-based council said it had received “information that a shortage in beef products was affecting the beef market in Dubai.”

The market had about 1,400 people in its business, but “a significant number of customers have not been able to get their orders through,” the council said.

The council added that the number of people working in the market had also decreased.

“We are aware of a large number of complaints about beef stew and beef stew products.

We are also aware of the impact that these products have on the market, and we will continue to work with the market to resolve these issues,” it said.

The market has been operating under the name “Fifty Eight Beef Stew” since 2009.

The “Fifties” slogan was first used in 2006.

In 2014, the council decided to close the market and the name was changed to “Fenty Beef Stew”.

The market closed on January 31, and the council will continue working with the beef industry to address the problems it faces, it said in the statement.