A lot of us are tired of hearing that there is a huge, deep-seated cultural divide between meat and meat-free.

But there is one: Meat-eaters are really bad at telling the difference.

That’s because meat-eater bias is a big part of the problem, not the solution.

In fact, meat-eating bias is one of the reasons that the meat industry continues to dominate the food supply.

We all know that if you eat meat, you are less likely to be infected with certain diseases, and it’s easier to find healthy food and avoid illness.

But the meat lobby’s push to push meat onto people’s plates is so entrenched that it’s difficult to tell the difference when people eat more meat.

The latest research suggests that if we’re serious about reducing our food intake and reducing global warming, we need to stop assuming meat is the answer to the world’s problems.

In the world of meat and the world around us, there is no such thing as a perfect meat.

And there is absolutely no reason to believe that there isn’t a way to get a lot of the meat we eat a lot healthier.