Taco Bell is the newest restaurant chain to make its mark in the American marketplace.

Now, it’s expanding beyond the country, with plans to open a Mexican-inspired taco truck in Austin, Texas.

In a statement on Wednesday, Taco Bell said it’s investing $1 billion in Austin and the Austin metro area in order to create a new “taco truck,” which will be the first of its kind.

It will be located in the former Taco Bell location of the Taco Bell Meat Market, which will remain open and staffed as long as it remains in operation.

The Taco Bell Taco Truck will open sometime in 2019, according to Taco Bell, and will feature the company’s signature tacos.

“We are excited to open this new franchise, and look forward to partnering with Austin-based taco truck operator Taco Bell to bring the same authentic Mexican flavor and flavors of our Tacos to our local community,” Taco Bell CEO John Schnatter said in a statement.

“Taco Bell is proud to serve its customers in Austin for over 100 years and we will continue to grow in this unique and exciting market.”

The company said it would invest $1.1 billion over the next decade in the Austin market, adding that “this investment will help us achieve our vision to be the world’s leading restaurant chain in Mexico, a country that has become one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.”

Taco Bistro has opened in Austin in 2019 and will open another location in 2021.

It is a Mexican restaurant chain that is also expanding to the U.S. with a new location in Austin.