Which are the best green street meat dishes?

Green street meats have been on the menu for years in Manhattan, but they’re starting to become a big draw in other parts of the city.The foodie community is in the midst of a craze for these savory, spicy, and tangy sandwiches, and New York City Eater’s resident foodie, Sarah Jones, has compiled a list […]

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When is a meat glue stain coming back?

A meat glue problem that started a few months ago is back, and it’s not the only one.In August, the manufacturer of the popular brand of meat glue, Grafton-based Zaggo, recalled a number of products after an outbreak of an E. coli bacteria that was previously reported in a small number of samples from grocery […]

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How to prepare steak with fajitas

Fajitas are the best-known American steak, but they are also popular with Indian cooks.This week, the restaurant industry has been buzzing with the arrival of fajitas, a Japanese-inspired steakhip dish made with chicken, shrimp, pork and beef that has become a popular American and Indian dish.The dish is also served at Indian restaurants and is […]

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When did you start eating a burrito?

It’s not the first time you’ve heard this question.But according to a recent survey by the British Public Health Service, nearly a quarter of people have started eating a Burrito anytime in the past year, and that number is growing.Burritos have become the go-to meal for many people, including parents who want their kids to […]

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How to use meat thermometer

How to Use Meat Thermometer (Meat Grinders) article I’ve recently started to use my meat thermometers.I like to take a look at the meat in my fridge to see if it’s in good condition.As a meat thermometrist, I can easily tell when meat is too hot or too cold.My meat thermocouple can be used to […]

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