What’s in your grocery store?

This week in Irish Times: The Garda Siochana is looking at a new tool for investigating food fraud and has launched a new online tool for catching the criminals who commit the crime.It has already recorded 1,500 frauds across the country, with most of the incidents taking place on the north and west coasts.The Garda […]

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Buffalo meat is cheap but hard to eat

Buffalo meat, which is sometimes called chicken or turkey, is cheap and hard to get at most restaurants, but it is also quite delicious and nutritious.There are many different types of buffalo meat available, but there are two main types of Buffalo meat: chicken and turkey.Buffalo meat can be prepared either by roasting it or […]

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How to cook meat tenderizers

There are many ways to prepare meat tenderizer tools, and the options available are wide ranging.You can use them to make your own beef tenderizer, beef tenderizers, or even meat tenderloin tenderizers.There are also a few meat tenderizing products available at Costco.These are all meat tenderiser tools that have been approved by the US Food […]

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How to smoke meat and lasagna at home

How to Smoke Meat and Lasagna at Home 1.Remove the beef from the fridge.If you are using frozen beef, you can either buy the cut or buy it from the butcher.Remove all of the fat from the beef and discard the fat in the meat.2.Cut the meat into 2-inch pieces and place them on a […]

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5 restaurants that are good for brisket

The New York Times has released its list of the 50 best barbecue joints in the country.The Times reported that “there are plenty of good options in the barbecue industry,” and that it ranks them according to how well they do in “predicting how quickly your ribs will break.”Here are the top 50 restaurants in […]

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