How to use meat to cook in the kitchen

I am a vegetarian, but my cooking skills are not strong enough to prepare meat.My favourite cooking method is to cook with rice, but the flavour of rice is quite different to the flavour I get when cooking with a meat substitute.So, what do you do if you want to use rice in your cooking?To […]

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How to cook meat with an electric grill

I know that meat is not a dish that everyone enjoys eating.But meat is definitely a dish everyone enjoys.But it does have a special place in my heart and that is the best part about it.I like cooking meat because it is a way to share with family and friends, and it is delicious, which […]

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How to smoke meat and lasagna at home

How to Smoke Meat and Lasagna at Home 1.Remove the beef from the fridge.If you are using frozen beef, you can either buy the cut or buy it from the butcher.Remove all of the fat from the beef and discard the fat in the meat.2.Cut the meat into 2-inch pieces and place them on a […]

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When did gyro meats become gyro steak?

How do you pronounce gyro?What is a gyro and what is a steaks gyro ?Here are the answers.gyro is a Latin word that means “meat of ox.”A gyro consists of a mixture of meat, vegetables and fat.For example, a steak of steak might be made up of: beef, chicken, turkey, beef shoulder, lamb, pork, beef, […]

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Why your bacon is a little too salty

This is the second time this week that I’ve posted about bacon.First was when I posted about my favorite flavor, a Jamaican Jamaican bacon.And then I posted a bacon recipe I made with my boyfriend.Bacon is a wonderful, versatile ingredient.So I thought, why not put bacon in my bacon?In this recipe, I’m making bacon bacon […]

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