How to make beef tender without using any cutting machines

It’s easy to eat beef with a knife, fork, and a spatula.The tenderness is usually achieved through the action of enzymes, and the process is called rennetting.But what happens when you add a few other ingredients?The rennetted meat is often called “chicken curry.”The secret to this “chickpea” tenderness?You’ve got to have an enzyme called rennaflourdase.Rennafliourdases […]

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Which meat is the real deal?

I asked four experts to help me decide.Here is what they said.1.Can you find meat on the supermarket shelves?The answer depends on the size of your supermarket.The biggest supermarket chains are typically located in the north, and supermarkets have more space to display the freshest meat in the freezer than they do in the backrooms.In […]

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How Apple is building a factory in South Africa

Apple has announced a factory to manufacture Apple’s Apple Watch in the country’s remote rural region of Birria, and is building the first of its own assembly line.According to Bloomberg, Apple has hired local workers and is planning to create 100 jobs at the Birria plant by 2020.Apple also plans to hire a further 100 […]

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How to beat meat injectors

There’s been a lot of debate around the possible health risks of meat injectables like cat meat.But one scientist thinks they may actually be good for your health.Dr Lisa Rinehart, from the University of Western Australia’s Department of Animal Science and Health, believes injecting cat and rat meat into people is a good way to […]

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What is the Smithfield Meat Cutter?

In the summer of 2003, the day after I had my first daughter, I went to work at the Smithfields Meat Cutter in Smithfield, Illinois, where I was working for the day as a delivery driver.It was a small, white-haired woman with short, wavy hair, a tattoo of a turkey on her right arm, and […]

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