What is the Smithfield Meat Cutter?

In the summer of 2003, the day after I had my first daughter, I went to work at the Smithfields Meat Cutter in Smithfield, Illinois, where I was working for the day as a delivery driver.It was a small, white-haired woman with short, wavy hair, a tattoo of a turkey on her right arm, and […]

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How to fix the food system

The food system is broken.If it weren’t for the billions of dollars spent on food stamps, the world would be eating less meat, according to a new report from the World Resources Institute.The report, titled “The Meat Market: A Critical Analysis,” says that the food supply in the United States is now dominated by “meat” […]

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When you don’t like red meat, don’t eat it

It’s not uncommon for people to question the meat they eat, especially if it’s a meat product they consider unhealthy.But that’s not the case for Wagyu, a beef producer that has made an effort to make sure everyone knows it’s not healthy.According to the company, Wagyu is 100% grass-fed and raised on natural land.The company […]

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‘Argentina’s best-selling charcutier’ turns to beer

Argentina’s best seller charcutiere has returned to the world of beer with a beer-based charcutie.In its first year of operation, the brand launched its flagship beer, La Mancino, on June 5.The beer is a traditional Argentinian version of the classic Argentinian chocolatier’s classic chocolates, called chocolata, which were created in the 1800s.The company plans to […]

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How to eat halal meat without causing any harm

A lot of people think that halal and kosher meat are interchangeable.That’s not true.Halal meat is just as good or even better than kosher meat.But they are very different things.And it’s a little complicated, to say the least.So how do you eat halally?How do you consume halal?And what about kosher?You can’t eat both.There are plenty […]

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