Why is chop meat made of water?

By JOSH WELSH, ASSOCIATED PRESSIn India, the practice of making meat from ground meat has been in place for centuries.It was done in ancient times, and it has been practised by Muslims as well as Hindus.The meat was made from a mixture of water, which was collected from the soil of the animal, and a […]

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How to save money on meat and dairy products

Quail meat and beef protein, cow meat and milk protein and beef are all available in kosher meat products.However, you can’t just buy them online and make it kosher.You have to go to a kosher slaughterhouse and get your meat or dairy slaughtered by a slaughterhouse certified kosher slaughterman.So what’s the difference between kosher meat […]

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Obama wants to cut off funding for farmers

President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed eliminating a $600 million program that funds agricultural programs that help farmers, but left open the possibility of reauthorizing it in the future.In a letter to the Farm Bill Commission, Obama asked that Congress pass a farm bill by March 2, 2015, so that farmers can begin the difficult […]

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Why your bacon is a little too salty

This is the second time this week that I’ve posted about bacon.First was when I posted about my favorite flavor, a Jamaican Jamaican bacon.And then I posted a bacon recipe I made with my boyfriend.Bacon is a wonderful, versatile ingredient.So I thought, why not put bacon in my bacon?In this recipe, I’m making bacon bacon […]

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Why did you do this?

Posted March 15, 2019 10:32:18 When it comes to making an amazing cheesesteaks, Philly cheesesteakh can’t be beat.We made a lot of these on the farm, but in a pinch, we can also make them at home and freeze them in the freezer.The problem with doing this is you’re sacrificing the flavor of your cheesesteaked, […]

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How to Get Your Free Meat Grinder in Peoria

A commercial meat griller can be a hassle to use, but you can make a profit by buying one, says Peoria Meat Grinders owner Tonya McBride.McBride and her husband, Tonya Vass, are a couple who make the business a living.The couple started selling the machines in 2012, and now McBride makes a few million dollars […]

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